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NYC Wheelchair Transportation focuses on the needs of anyone who has a permanent or temporary impairment or disability but still needs to get around.

We offer professional, dependable and affordable Non-Emergency Medical Transport, Wheelchair Taxis, Ambulette Services and MORE!

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NYC Wheelchair Transportation is New York City’s largest and most reliable provider of Wheelchair and Handicap Accessible Transportation Services. We provide conveyance to nearly all major venues and destinations in the five boroughs and surrounding areas including parts of New Jersey.

In addition to Non-Emergency Services including Wheelchair Accessible Taxis, Ambulettes, Stretchers, Help With Stairs, etc, we also have Emergency Ambulances offering both ALS (Advanced Life Support) and BLS (Basic Life Support).

By offering our clients a multi-faceted transportation solution for those in need of Wheelchair Accessible Transportation, we help to ensure that they can get to their destination easily, without having to worry about their unique situation. We are contracted with many different facilities, hospitals, organizations, and corporations that work with dedicated account executives to make booking simple. 

Our appointment desk takes same day or future reservations from the public, no need for medical insurance.




Our Mission

Here at NYC Wheelchair Transportation, our mission is simple – we want to provide a much-needed service for an underrepresented group of New Yorkers. With our variety of wheelchair accessible transportation vehicles, we can ensure that we are always doing our part to give every New Yorker an opportunity to get where they need to go.

With everything that we do, customer service is always of the utmost importance. That is precisely why we offer a live customer service call center, where clients can easily inquire about our services and schedule pickups and drop-offs.

Our Vision

We are more than just a taxi service – in our minds, we’re helping the people of New York City continue to live their daily lives as stress free as possible. That includes getting them where they need to go as quickly, safely, and affordably as possible. We treat each of our clients with the utmost levels of respect and compassion because that is what they deserve.

At the end of the day, we are here to make our clients lives easier, and if we can provide the right types of services that they need to ensure that their wheelchair accessible transportation needs are always covered, we can rest assured knowing that we’ve done our part to help a massive population of New Yorkers.

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hippa compliantCommitment to privacy and safety

Built with compliance

NYC Wheelchair engaged HIPAA experts to sketch a application customized for the healthcare environment with severa safeguards in region to guard PHI — consisting of Business Associate Agreements with partners, technical controls and administrative processes.

Calibrated for safety

Safety is fundamental to NYC Wheelchair. Our technological know-how enables us to center of attention on rider protection before, during, and after every day out to assist make thousands and thousands of rides safer everyday. When you’re matched with a driver, you’ll see their facts so you understand who’s choosing you up ahead of time.
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