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Accessible NYC Subways and Buses

There are a range of ways to tour round New York City, which includes by way of the City’s mass transit system. Every public bus is outfitted with wheelchair lifts and seating; elevators supply get admission to to about 25 percent of NYC subway stations. For professional accessibility information, visit the Metropolitan Transit Authority’s Guide to Accessible Transit.

Access has progressively expanded throughout the subway system, which now has 225 elevators that are in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). These elevators can, however, be out of carrier on any given day, which capacity it is fundamental to get real-time updates on what’s working. Note that a quantity of these stations have AutoGate get admission to (an automatic subway entrance and exit), and that the Coney Island-Stillwell Avenue stop has entrances and platforms reachable by using ramp.

Accessible NYC Taxis

New York City WAV (Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle) available to reserve a head of time, just call 212.705.8773 and make sure to request a Yellow cab. No more hailing in the streets, call the dispach center and the Taxi will be waiting for you on time at the agreed location.


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Online Reservation System

Our Online reservation system is very easy to use, here are 3 easy steps you will need to follow. 

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Call Or Text

  • Our dispatchers are always ready to take the next call.
  • Vehicles are often available in 15 minutes from the time the reservation is completed.

Wheelchair Taxi App

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Wheelchair Accessible Taxi App

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