If you’re looking for a handicapped transportation service, we’re here to help. We provide reliable and professional service to our customers. We’re dedicated to making sure that everyone has the opportunity to get around, regardless of their ability level. Contact us today to learn more about our services.


If you or someone you know needs handicapped transportation services, we encourage you to fill out our online form or handicapped transportation services; we encourage you to fill out our online form or call us. We are here to help and would be more than happy to assist. Thank you for considering us!

NYC Wheelchair transportation service has all types of service vehicles that cater to each of our customer’s needs. This means that our vehicles are modified to your specific requirements so that you will have the most comfortable, safe, and stress-free ride.

Whether you require transport assistance to a medical appointment, into a hospital, from home into a care home, rehabilitation or other clinical appointments, or another type of journey, you can easily book your trip with our Friendly and competent reservations officers.


NYC WHEELCHAIR TRANSPORTATION is dedicated to providing a safe trip for all “Non-emergency” Wheelchair and Stretcher Accessible Transportation Services, and we are committed to giving an outstanding customer service experience to all of our valued customers.


If you would like more information on our services, please contact us via the most convenient method.



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