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 5 Passengers Wheelchair Accessible Mercedes Metris, also known as "Black Car Service"

The Mercedes Metris is your favorite choice by far, no matter how many new Metris's are added to our fleet, still, it’s the most wanted choice.

This vehicle choice is available for hire in the New York Metro Area, which is all 5 Borough, Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island. Also available in parts of New Jersey. More Info

8 Passengers Wheelchair Accessible Mercedes Sprinter

Our Mercedes Metris is available in Luxury or Basic layout.

Can accommodate up to 2 wheelchair passengers plus 6 seated. More info.

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If you’re living in New York City, you’re already know that our Mercedes Metris Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Limo is the most wanted Car Service around.

When you reserve a “Black Car” with us, you will get the privlige of riding the luxury car with a privet driver.

Our Black Car fleet includes:

Mercedes Metris | Toyota Sienna | Dodge Caravan 

Mercedes is our default choice but availability is based on first come first served basis, if the Metris is fully booked, we’ll send the next type of vehicle instead.

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Pay by the hour or by distance

One wheelchair passengers plus 4 seated

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