Non-emergency Transportation

Wheelchair and Scooter Accessible Vehicles

We provide non-emergency medical transportation to or from Dr. appointments and Hospital discharge.

Wheelchair, Scooter, or Gurney accessible vehicles available for same-day service.

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Surgery & Hospital Check-in and Discharge

Reserve your trip for your Surgery & Hospital Check-in or Discharge for the date and time you need and when you are ready for another trip, simply book it for your desired date and time.


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Short Medical Visits

When you’re booking transport for a short medical visit or checkup,

We can take you and have the driver wait outside for you to complete your visit and take you right back.




Help With Stairs

Do you need help with the stairs?

If you go to, or from a non-accessible place, no worries!

Our staff will be there to help, we can lift up to 650 LBS over stairs. Learn more



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Non-emergency Transportation Near Me

Chose us to be your “Non-emergency Transportation Service Near Me” Our drivers roaming around the NY Metro area and surrounding areas waiting to take your call, we’re often available within 15 minutes.

If you don’t have a wheelchair, no worries we will bring ours, we’ll take you anywhere you need to go and will bring you back when you’re done.


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Special Dates & Holidays

Please book all your trips in advance to assure a timely pickup and arrival. Friday and weekends are usually overbooked, the same for the holidays.

We suggest booking as far in advance as possible to secure your ride. You can always modify or cancel.



  • Physical Therapy Transport


Roundtrip To Senior Care Centers


Nursing Home – Pick-Up or Return Trip


Hospital Visits – Non-Emergency Cases


Hospital Discharges


Dental Appointments

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