Private Ambulance Service

Private Ambulance Service in NYC, NJ, Long Island, Westchester, Suffolk County

“Safe and Comfortable Medical Transportation with NYC Private Ambulance Service”

When it comes to medical transportation, trust is key. That’s why NYC Private Ambulance Service is dedicated to providing safe and comfortable care for our patients. Our fleet is equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and staffed by trained professionals, ensuring that you’ll receive the best possible care during your ride. Experience peace of mind with NYC Private Ambulance Service. Book your ride today.

Stretcher transport

Basic Life Support

Our Emergency Medical Technicians provide Basic Life Support to our patients. They are certified by the New York State Department of Health. All EMT’s have extensive training during orientation and are constantly re-evaluated by the supervisors. All EMT’s are trained to provide the most compassionate and courteous care available.

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Advanced Life Support

Our paramedics provide Advanced Life Support to our patients. All of our paramedics are certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support as well as Pediatric Advanced Life Support. The paramedics work under the auspices of the New York Department of Health as well REMAC

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Ambulance Advanced Life Support
van with a stretcher lift

Patient Transport

Our Ambulance service is the choice in the Big Apple for medical transports for seniors, medical patients, and the handicap. We provide long and short distance travel solutions for the five boroughs of NYC. We dispatch out of multiple locations in the boroughs and can be anywhere in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, and Staten Island in minutes.

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What services does NYC Wheelchair Transportation provide as a private ambulance service in NYC?

NYC Wheelchair Transportation offers private ambulance services catering to various medical transportation needs, including emergency medical transport and non-emergency medical transport for individuals with mobility challenges.

How can I contact NYC Wheelchair Transportation for private ambulance services in NYC?

To schedule private ambulance services, please contact NYC Wheelchair Transportation at 212-705-8773. Our dedicated team will assist you in arranging the appropriate medical transportation.

What types of medical situations warrant the use of a private ambulance service in NYC?

Private ambulance services are suitable for a range of medical situations, including emergencies, hospital transfers, and medical appointments for individuals requiring specialized care during transit.

Is NYC Wheelchair Transportation equipped to handle critical medical situations during transportation?

Yes, NYC Wheelchair Transportation is equipped to handle critical medical situations. Our trained medical personnel and state-of-the-art ambulances are equipped to provide emergency medical care during transit.

Can I request a private ambulance for non-emergency medical transportation needs in NYC?

Absolutely. NYC Wheelchair Transportation provides private ambulances for both emergency and non-emergency medical transportation needs, ensuring safe and comfortable transport for individuals with various medical requirements.

What sets NYC Wheelchair Transportation apart from other private ambulance services in NYC?

NYC Wheelchair Transportation distinguishes itself through its commitment to reliability, professionalism, and patient-centric care. Our experienced staff and well-maintained ambulances prioritize the safety and comfort of our passengers.

How does NYC Wheelchair Transportation handle patient confidentiality during private ambulance services?

Patient confidentiality is a top priority at NYC Wheelchair Transportation. Our staff follows strict privacy protocols to ensure the confidentiality and dignity of our passengers during all medical transports.

Can I accompany my family member during a private ambulance ride with NYC Wheelchair Transportation?

Yes, we encourage family members or caregivers to accompany patients during private ambulance rides. NYC Wheelchair Transportation aims to provide a supportive and reassuring environment for both patients and their loved ones.

How far in advance should I schedule a private ambulance service with NYC Wheelchair Transportation?

It is recommended to schedule private ambulance services in advance to ensure availability. For immediate assistance or urgent requests, please contact our team promptly at 212-705-8773.

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