Service To Help Disabled People Navigate Inaccessible Spaces In NYC

Jul 15, 2022 | Ambulette Services

Company Announces Service To Help Disabled People Navigate Inaccessible Spaces In NYC

NYC Wheelchair Accessible Transportation is a company that will send assistance to carry disabled people down the stairs when a space is not wheelchair accessible.

NYC, NY, USA, JULY 12, 2022 – An NYC company is answering the call for increased assistance in making city spaces accessible to the disabled community. NYC Wheelchair Accessible Transportation specializes in carrying individuals up and down flights of stairs where no elevator is available to transport them in their wheelchair.

The company offers a variety of options for transporting disabled individuals up and down flights of stairs within the city so they can access the services they need. Options for support and assistance with stairs include:

  • Being lifted in a wheelchair or gurney
  • Being lifted in a Stairschair
  • Supporting seniors who need assistance navigating flights of stairs

Always reliable and speedy service. These folks keep bending over backward to give fantastic service. And I like their price,” Joseph S. Weaver shared in a Google Review for the company’s services.

NYC Wheelchair Accessible Transportation strives to provide same-day service where possible and sends 2-4 men to assist with stair transport depending on the demands of the situation. The staff is capable of lifting up to 550 lbs, allowing them to support a wide range of individuals in the NYC disabled community.

They are the only licensed and insured company offering assistance with stairs for disabled people in NYC and its surrounding areas. The company’s services are in response to demand, given the prevalence of high-rise buildings and staircases throughout New York City. People who are permanently or temporarily disabled and need to access their doctor’s office, a specialist, or another service in a building with no elevator face seemingly insurmountable challenges daily.

This obstacle means that many people in New York City’s disabled community are unable to get where they need to go and be unable to find a family member or neighbor to assist them. In the case of ascending stairs, seeking the help of a family member or friend can put the individual in more danger because these people are not professionally trained or insured.

NYC Wheelchair Accessible Transportation offers a safe way to carry people up and down staircases. They work with most hospitals in NYC and some rehab facilities, making transfers daily. Besides aiding with stair transport, the company offers shuttle services in a wheelchair and stretcher-accessible vehicles.

The transportation service is available 24/7 and can be scheduled in advance, allowing customers to reserve a specific time when they need assistance with stairs or a ride to an appointment or retail center. The company provides these services in several neighborhoods in New York and New Jersey, such as Long Island, Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Newark, and Jersey City.

Seniors and disabled individuals can book a wheelchair taxi online through the company’s website. For a quote on assistance with stairs, interested parties can complete the quote request for ambulette services online.

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