Two Men Assist with Stairs

Two Men Assist with Stairs, we carry people over stairs in NYC, We Have Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle, Same Day Service

2 Men to assist carry you over stairs,
We help people with disabilities get down or upstairs in places that are not accessible.
We’re specialized with carrying you or loved one over stairs.

Help With Stairs

If for any reason you can’t get up or downstairs, We provide help with stairs, give us a call and we’ll assist.

Whether you’re in a wheelchair or not, or even a Gurney (Stretcher) we have the people and the tools to help.

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Senior Need Someone To Support While Using Stairs

Sometimes a simple task as going down or downstairs can be challenging for seniors, seniors need someone to support them while using the stairs.

You can call us and we’ll be there to help with that, whether you need help with stairs with transportation or without, count on us to be there for you.

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Stairs chair Assistant

We’re using a stairs chair, the same as Fire Department uses. And depends on your weight,

2 or 4 men will lift you over the stairs.

No job is too hard for us.

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Lift Wheelchair or Gurney Over Stairs

We can provide and lift a wheelchair or Gurney over stairs.

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As Per Your Personal Needs

Two to Four aids will safely lift you up or down stairways.

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2 Men Help With Stairs


Depend on your weight, A crew of Two or Four men will carry you safely, over stairs, and will get you to your destination on time.

Easy Booking

A healthcare associate will help to book a ride on-demand or for a future appointment.


Our high tech dashboard will seamlessly coordinate rides so you will never be late or miss another Dr. appointment.

We help hundreds of patients every month, one way or roundtrip, to Dr. appointment, Hospital transfer, or leisure, we will be there to do what we do best.

Our reputation for safety, reliability, and premium service make us the best choice for all your special needs transportation.

No ride is too small for us.

Call us for a local trip or cross country Hospital transfer.

Not all buildings around New York City are handicap accessible, some buildings still doesn’t have elevator.
Our 2 or 4 men assist crew specialize with helping people that are wheelchair bound, to go up or downstairs.

Depend on your weight, we will send Two or Four crew members to carry you as you wish.

No Need For Medical Insurance

Just give us a call and one of our specialist will be happy to help you with the service request, there is no need for Medical Insurance, we accept private pay (Credit Card Payment), just answer few easy questions and you’re minutes from booking your transport.

New York and New Jersey

  • Manhattan
  • Bronx
  • Queens
  • Brooklyn
  • Staten Island
  • Jersey City
  • Newark
  • Long Island

Lead Time

Depand on your needs, we often avaialable to service you same day.

A more complex service will require 24 hour notice, call to find out.

No Elevator? No Problem

We service New York and New jersey, some areas are exluded, please call us for more info.

Lift Limit 650LB