Wheelchair Accessible Limousines For Weddings

Wheelchair Accessible Limousine
Wheelchair Accessible Limo, For the finer things in life, your disability should never hold you back. Here at NYC Wheelchair Transportation, we have own and maintain our personal fleet of wheelchair accessible limousines, so that you can arrive to your next wedding in style. Perfect for brides, grooms, members of the family, or general guests, we’d be thrilled to help you make the entrance that you deserve for your next formal event.

Our Limousine service works just the same as our standard wheelchair taxi service, simply give us a call with some details for your event, and you can be sure one of our limousines will be standing at the ready to pick you up and drop you off at the time and date specified.

We can accommodate groups both small and large. We provide flexible rates and hourly service to ensure that all of your transportation needs are covered at an affordable rate.

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