Wheelchair Accessible Taxi

Wheelchair Accessible Taxi | Same day service or reserve for later date. We can bring our own wheelchair if needed

Reserve Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle, Limo, Black or A Yellow Taxi. We’re Just 10 Minutes Away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the driver help me get onto the ramp and secure me in my wheelchair inside the van?
Yes, of course. This is a part of our good service to you. Our drivers will help you get in and ensure you are safely strapped before he drives you to your destination.
How safe am I with my wheelchair in your Taxi?
Our Wheelchair Taxi vehicles are equipped with a 4-point Tie-down system to secure the wheelchair and 2 seatbelts for the Body of the wheelchair user. This is to ensure the safety of the passenger.
I have a power wheelchair, and it’s bigger than the regular ones. Is your ramp wide enough for it?
Yes. Our Basic and VIP minivans have a Ramp width of 30” to 34”. It is capable from a regular manual wheelchair to a more oversized power wheelchair to roll onto.
For my airport pick-up, where will I meet the driver?
You must give us a call or text while you are waiting to claim your baggage. We will tell you which pick-up area you must go to meet with the driver. You need to give us 15 to 20 mins for the driver to arrive and pick you up. He will be holding up a paper with your name on it for you to be able to recognize your service ride.
Do I need to pay extra for the Toll fee during the trip?
No. Toll fees are already computed and included in the payment you made with us. You can check that in the receipt confirming that we have sent it via your E-mail.
Can I change the pickup or drop-off location of my paid trip?
Yes. But you must inform us before your scheduled pickup. We need to check if the new address or location will affect the rate or price you previously paid.
What are my options if I need to cancel the scheduled transportation service?
You must give us a call if you need to cancel your trip. To avoid “no show” status and cancelation fees, we suggest you give us the authorization to “credit to your account” here with us the amount you have already paid. In this way, you will keep 100% of the amount in your account with us, and you can use that any time and on any day that you will need our service in the future, or you can get funds back to your card.

Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Cost

What is the cost of a wheelchair-accessible taxi?

You can find out the cost of a wheelchair-accessible taxi by using our online reservation system on this page. After getting the price, you will be able to pay and book your wheelchair-accessible Taxi quickly.

Customers Testimonials

Bowen Yang

NYC Wheelchair Transportation is our first choice in transporting our residents to where they need to be. Their drivers as well as their office staff are always courteous and kind. NYC Wheelchair Transportation always strives to be on time, but in the rare event they are running behind the staff is really good about letting us know ahead so that any necessary arrangements can be made. Thank you, NYC Wheelchair Transportation for your wonderful service!!

Luciano Lord

I’m a frequent rider with NYC Wheelchair Transportation and have been very happy with their service and reliability. I ride with NYC Wheelchair Transportation at least twice a week and find the drivers to courteous, thoughtful, and friendly. They are my preferred wheelchair transportation company. Keep up the good service.

Marty P. Eggleston

I use this company every time I need to see my doctor and they always deliver. They arrive on time and their service is top notch. Vehicles have the latest equipment and the drivers are trained to be the best in the business. I could not feel safer. I will always use NYC Wheelchair Transportation.

Fredi Kaleb

Very warm and caring Service. They are very professional and punctual. NYC Wheelchair Transportation transported my father with care for medical appointments in Hospital. The service is affordable and flexible. Would highly recommend everyone!!

Christian Harrison

I traveled with NYC Wheelchair transportation company, and I was very pleased with my entire experience. I booked a round trip vacation too Atlantic City for 4 days, my driver was very prompt and very accommodating to me & my handicapped husband.. I would definitely travel with this company again.

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