The Fastest Wheelchair Transportation Service In NYC
  Licenced and Insured
  Same Day Service

The Fastest Wheelchair Transportation Service In NYC

  Licenced and Insured

  Same Day Service


Accessible Yellow Cab Dispatch

Reserve Wheelchair Accessible Yellow Taxi In A Minute

Click here to dispatch a Yellow Cab

Accessible Limo

Hundreds Of Accessible Taxies And Limousines Roaming Around The Metro Area, Waiting For Your Call

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Ambulette Service

Non-Emergency Transportation from Or To Senior daycare, Hospitals and rehab facilities.                  If you don’t have a wheelchair, you can rent one from us for the day.

We provide a professional, dependable, and within your budget Wheelchair transportation services in NYC

Our services include Wheelchair Taxi and Ambulette Service

We take you to or from all major venus:

Airport and seaports, Dr. Appointments, Hospital transfer, Weddings, Nursing homes, or anywhere else you need to go to.

wheelchair accessible taxi van
We’re proud to offer exceptional Ambulette services and customer care that simply cannot be beaten.

We provide Ambulette services and Medical Transportation to the entire NY Metro area, parts of New Jersey such as Edison, Jersey City, Hoboken, and Newark, we also service New Rochelle, Mount Vernon, Yonkers, and White Plains.

We provide Senior Transportation, so our vehicles are Wheelchair, Gurney, Scooter, Walker Accessible, we can help lift you up or downstairs.

We help to ensure that our clients get to their destination without having to worry about their unique situation.

Doing our part to give every New Yorker an opportunity to get where they need to go!

stretcher accessible ambulette

We offer various Accessible Transportation solutions, our expert are waiting to take your call and suggest the right service for you, so please don’t hesitate to call now.


  • We provide transportation for people who ride Wheelchairs and Scooters in New York City “WAV in NYC”
  • You can call now to get a Wheelchair Accessible Taxi or make a future reservation.
  • Hire the very best Ambulette service provider – Affordable as a regular car service
  • Airport Taxi Service
  • Help With Stairs

Hours a Day

24/7 Transportation service, customers can easily reserve our services and schedule transports or gret pickups, we’re here to make our client’s lives easier!
More than just a Taxi. The premier choice for wheelchair-enabled New Yorkers looking to get from point A to point B quickly, safely and affordably.
Do I have to make a reservation?
No, often we available as little as  minutes away (depend on the pick-up location)
But if you have an important meeting, we highly recommend that you make a reservation ahead of time.
There is no additional fee to make a reservation.
Can you accommodate a power wheelchair?
Yes! We can provide a vehicle for:
  1. Power or Manual Wheelchair Passengers
  2. Electric Scooters
  3. Two Passengers that are Wheelchair-bound
  4. A ramp or a lift vehicle can be requested
How many additional passengers can travel with a wheelchair?
Yes! We can provide a vehicle for:
  1. We have over 2400 vehicles, some can transport 1 wheelchair passenger and some can accommodate 2 additional passengers and some vehicles can transport 6 passengers, we also have large vehicles that can transport large groups.
Do you pick-up from airports?
Yes! We can pick up from all airports in the metro NY NJ & CT area. We offer curbside and meet & greet service.
NY JFK John F Kennedy International Airport Wheelchair Taxi
NY LGA LaGuardia Airport Accessible Transportation
NJ EWR Newark Liberty International Airport Handicapped Taxi Service
Other Airport & Seaport Service is also available
Do you pickup from Hospitals?
Yes! We provide hospital discharge of transfers, and medical appointments services.
Round Trip Service also available, we can wait downstairs or come back when you’re done, st call us back and we’ll be there in minutes.
Can we reserve a round trip?
Yes! You can reserve a round trip and multiple stops.
You may also book the entire month of appointments, so you are worrie free.
Do you accept credit cards?
Yes! We accept all major credit cards.
You may send a check to:
NY NJ Taxi Corp
387 Park Ave S. 5th Floor
New York, NY 10016

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